7 food sources South Africans can’t survive without

1. Walkie talkie
Recall that when you investigate the food culture of another country, you should keep a receptive outlook. This dish could sound odd for most Americans, yet the truth of the matter is that chicken feet are delectable. Indeed, Walkie Talkies are barbecued or bubbled chicken feet that for local people are reasonable treats. You can eat them with different sauces or with a blend of various flavors.

2. Gatsby
This giant sandwich can satisfy everyone’s appetite and tastes because food stalls will let you customize the type of meat and sauce you want it filled with. But one thing that makes it special, is that it’s always filled to the brim with golden french fries. Even though it is already very affordable, locals in South Africa often get one and split it.

3. Mogodo (tripe)
Mogodo, or tripe, is made using the stomach lining of a bovine animal, in most cases that of a cow. It’s the ultimate comfort food and is a favourite among different cultures within South Africa. The lining is always carefully washed and then boiled and is traditionally lightly curried and served with samp (chopped and stamped dried corn kernels).

4. Bunny chow
This must be the main road food formula partook in all over South Africa. It has nothing to do with a rabbit, the name of the dish being a variety of “bania”, an Indian social class that generally ate it and carried it to South Africa. The formula is straightforward: you have a portion of new bread and stuff it with curry. Straightforward for all intents and purposes, a piece is very filling, scrumptious.

5. Vetkoek
Sometimes called “fat cakes”, these dumplings are made of dough filled with curry, but the recipe took various forms, and now you can find them filled with everything your heart desires, from cheese and meat to fruits and everything sweet.

6. Mopane worms
This snack was and still is an important source of protein for locals living in rural Africa, but it’s also a popular crunchy snack for tourists that dare to try something new and different. The caterpillars are fried and typically served with various sauces, peanut sauce being the one preferred by those who try it.

7. Boerewors roll
The South African hot dog otherwise called a boerie roll is one of the road food sources liked by the young, since it’s advantageous to eat all over the place. The bun holds a braaied boerewors, which is a conventional hotdog, finished off with onions and a sauce of your decision. The taste and flavor will beat any wiener you have at any point eaten