Chicco Twala opens up concerning his arrest

Chicco Twala

Chicco Twala Tells his own side of the story about his arrest

The known music producer was said to be arrested on a Sunday night, for allegedly pointing,a fake gun at a City Power employee,mistaking them to be cable thieves.

Twala’s Bloubosrand home studios in Johannesburg was quite busy with activity when the alleged crime was perpetrated.
He was accused of pulling out a gun, and pointing it at one of the contractors’ heads.It is also stated that he slapped him, choked him, and pinned him to the ground violently.

Twala made a statement following his arrest, saying that
“Finally, I got arrested for pointing a fake gun to two men whom I thought were cable thieves who caused,
a blackout to six houses at my recording studio.
For me, my arrest is victory to me and defeat to all evil people who see me,
as a Mafia who is behind the killing of Senzo Meyiwa .

“My arrest shows that I’m not above the law and I can be detained if any person lays criminal charges against me.”
” No one is above the law.”

The complaint laid criminals charges and the police did their work by charging and locking me up.
Haters on social media claim  that I bribed judges, police officers and Beggie Cele,
whom i don’t even know to protect my son, who is accused by haters of killing Senzo Meyiwa.

He posed a question at the end of his statement saying”
Where will I get that kind of money to bribe all these powerful people? Also why must I defend a killer?

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