Makhadzi apologizes and clarifies why she pushed her artist

Makhadzi has openly tended to the viral video where she drove her artist over the stage during a presentation at a show over the course of the end of the week.

The artist apologized to the artist and said that they are cool and the artist is fine. She further said the circumstance happened in light of the fact that she was attempting to move the artist back to her so she doesn’t pour water in front of an audience as they actually had more opportunity to perform, and it won’t be ideal for them assuming the stage gets wet.

In a bid to prevent her from pouring water, the artist fell. The Ghanama hitmaker apologized to individuals who feel insulted by the video believing she’s a terrible individual.

Makhadzi further talked about her approaching EP, she said it will be out seven days before she acts in Botswana for her One Woman show.